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Monday 24th May, 2021

Cash versus investments – should I invest or keep my money in the bank?

If you keep your money in cash, you won't run the risk of losing it, but currently low interest rates almost guarantee terrible returns from savings accounts. If you invest your money into shares, bonds and property; the value will go up and down and you run the risk of getting back less than you put in. However, the returns over the longer term are likely to be substantially higher. "Should I save or invest my money?" This conundrum faces many people looking for better returns. So, which is better? Cash or investments? In the next few paragraphs, I will explain what we mean by cash and investments and will also cover what the main risks of cash and investments are. Lastly, I will discuss performance and which provides a better return.

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Saturday 22nd May, 2021

What is a trust and how does it work?

Trusts can be very useful in passing your estate to your loved ones and avoiding Inheritance Tax. However, for many, trusts are only used by rich people and therefore remain a mystery. The following article is a basic guide which will explain what trusts are, how they work and some of the advantages of using a trust. It will highlight how all people, rich or not, can make a huge difference for themselves and their loved ones if they use a trust correctly.

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Friday 14th May, 2021

Who are the top 10 best financial advisers in Hampshire and Surrey?

Looking for a high-quality financial adviser? It is often hard to know which financial adviser to hire when you live in Hampshire or Surrey, where there are so many financial advisers, it is almost impossible to throw a stick without hitting one.

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Monday 10th May, 2021

7 great reasons to invest in pensions

Pensions can seem complicated, but understanding their advantages and how they work can save you tax now, as well as helping you build your retirement savings. So here are 7 great benefits of using a pension.

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Tuesday 4th May, 2021

The 10 best questions you should ask your financial adviser

Knowing what questions to ask a financial adviser will save you time, effort, and money. To help you find the right adviser - and avoid hiring the wrong one - here are the 10 most important questions I think you should be asking.

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