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Monday 26th April, 2021

Is my pension pot big enough to retire on?

One of the main questions I am asked at barbeques and parties is, “How much do I need to retire?”. It’s a really valid question, when you consider that you could spend 30 – 40 years in retirement and it is therefore important that you have enough money to enjoy it.

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Monday 12th April, 2021

What are my pension retirement options?

I am frequently asked by retiring client's, "What can I do with my pension pot?" This is a crucial question, because since the implementation of pension freedoms there are several options for using your pension. Whether as a cash lump sum, annuity or flexi-access drawdown, the world is your oyster when it comes to accessing money from your pension pot. However, there are many misconceptions around the options for cashing in your pension. Theses incorrect notions can be detrimental, as the decisions you make now will impact the success of your retirement in later years. It is therefore crucial that you understand all the possibilities. The guide below will provide you with a breakdown of the two most common retirement options and some strategies you can apply to help you make the most of your pension income.

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Monday 5th April, 2021

The art of tax efficient investing

The best way I can demonstrate the impact of effective tax planning is through a little theoretical exercise I do with my UK clients. The first thing I ask them is how much income can a married couple, both aged 65, earn in retirement before they have to pay tax? The standard answer is £25,140 based on two personal Income Tax allowances. This answer is understandable, but incorrect.

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